Our Story

I’m Rory Marks, the CEO and creative pioneer of Bragardo. In the year 2020, I went on a research spree to find out what social media today was lacking. I found many issues but all of them had just one solution- gamification! Bragardo App was created out of the need for original connections, building online communities, a love for gaming, and the necessity to have a platform where all of these things exist.

An app that has it all, that can be used by everyone and anyone regardless of interests, hobbies, niche, or business! Bragardo was created to bridge the gap between your interests and social media. One app to connect with new people or make new friends, create new versions of yourself based on what you love and explore without the need to feel validated by unknown followers. It’s an app for;


Perfectly blending gamification and the regular aspect of social media, Bragardo creates an
interesting combination that brings new possibilities. The app uses an adaptable gaming
model, that allows you to create personalised battlecards built around you, your hobbies, your interests and your passions. Everything that makes you – you

In other words, you become the sole dictator of what you want your world to look like. Our
mission is to bring you the opportunity to be yourself and find others who see life through
the same lens as you. Fun, equality, inclusivity, and real-time connections based on
interests, Bragardo proves that all of those things can exist on one platform!

The Team

With years of experience in different industries, I designed the app around users,
brands, and businesses, also adapting it for both education and outreach. Working alongside the very talented Andy Cresswell, a self-taught designer and full-stack developer with over a decade of experience helping brands bring their vision to life. Together they took the idea for an app that’s available to any and everyone and created Bragardo!

We are all about bringing back the fun to social media and eliminating the discrimination,
over-seriousness, and inequality that has become intertwined with it. Everyone is welcome at Bragardo

Become an Early Adopter

Bragardo is almost here! We are clearing the tracks to the new gateway for fun, excitement, new friends and the thrill of fantasy. As we work tirelessly in preparation for launch, we need you to chip in, just a little, we promise you’re going to love it!

Want in? All you have to do is fill the form below and wait to hear from us.