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Our Future

Our Roadmap

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April 2020 It started with an idea
December 2020

The creation

After months of market research, and working on the business and app design I successfully secured the first round of funding and the amazing Andy Cresswell joins the team bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience.

May 2022

MVP Ready

Following successful submission to Apple, making the app available on Testflight for testing. We complete stage one MVP and carry out closed group testing to allow us to fix bugs and use valuable feedback to improve and further develop the app.

September 2022

Learn from our mistakes

We launched the app for a small public BETA testing period but it didn't take us long to realise that the marketing didn't resonate with our target market so we decided to stop what we were doing and start fresh. We started with new brand guidelines which included new fonts and colourways, from this we redesigned a brand new website and marketing material. It's a setback that we endeavour to learn and grow from.



We have launched an incredible new website that we believe reflects the energy, excitement and passion of Bragardo and everyone involved. We've made some exciting updates to the app, bringing in the new branding ready for the next phase of BETA testing. We're currently looking for our next round of funding to take Bragardo to the next level.


What's next?

Next year is looking to be a big year for Bragardo. We are aiming to launch our full app on the Apple store followed a few months after on Android. We have some clear goals, we will have our in-app purchases available, launch the Bragardo market place and hit 1 million registered users.


The future for Bragardo

We know how important it is to plan ahead so we've set many goals to ensure longevity, and growth and to secure the future for Bragardo. As we continue to grow, build strategic partnerships, and jump on fresh business opportunities, we hope to secure a solid future for the app and all of our users.

Why Bragardo?

For starters, we're not like everyone else.

Our Mission

At Bragardo, we present a brand new way for brands and individuals to network, creating an inclusive interactive space that transforms users from passive to active, allowing them to form meaningful professional and personal connections.

Our Vision

We aim to become your go-to social platform for productivity, personal use, and playtime, granting you the opportunity to showcase and utilise your digital identity the way you want.

Our Future

We hope to secure a solid future for the app and all of our users. A future where there’s equality, guided by ethics and fueled by diversity of culture. We see a platform without boundaries or restrictions, one where every person plays a role in connecting and building the community.

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We want to combine the things you're proud of, fantasy gaming and product discovery in a way that revolutionises social media.

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