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A New Way To Network

In Bragardo, It’s no secret that the ways in which we network have changed over the years. How we interact with one another today looks drastically different from centuries ago. And one thing is for sure – it will continue to change.
While the pandemic forced many things to come to a screeching halt, social networking thrived. People, more than ever, began relying on their social media accounts for updates on their friends and family. Looking for remote work online became the new norm. Everyone desperately wanted to connect over the Internet to share their quarantine chronicles, organise dates over video chat, and build professional contacts.
Our founder recognised the impact of social media on all aspects of our daily lives and observed his own habits on his own profiles across multiple platforms. Intrigued, he began researching others’ habits as well. He soon discovered that many people and organisations failed to reach and retain their target audiences or make relevant connections. The reason for this? Many popular platforms are simply iterations of each other, lacking diversity and differentiation.

Knowing there must be a unique way to make more meaningful, long-lasting connections with the right people, we sought to create our own

About Us

Founded in 2020, Bragardo corrects the problems facing social networking by presenting an entirely new form – one where engagement, innovation, and inclusivity are guaranteed. Unlike many other social media platforms that are dominated by influencers and celebrities, Bragardo allows you to interact in a space that features a blend of your passions and interests, making it a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else. At Bragardo, everyone belongs.

We’re not just another social media app usurping your device’s storage. With the integration of gamification in social networking, Bragardo introduces new concepts to the industry. Users will be more motivated to log on and stay on to interact with others on a platform that promises authentic engagement. Additionally, brands and businesses will have an opportunity to expand their online presence and invite their target audience to support their mission in an entertaining space that encourages activity.

Our team is composed of experts who understand the evolving nature of social networking. Instead of resisting change, we embrace it, maintaining an open-minded approach that ensures we stay on top of the latest developments and are well equipped to thrive in any circumstance – including global pandemics.

Simply put, our mission is to best serve you and your endeavours. Whether you want to stay in touch with old friends, generate more buzz for your organisation, or discover the fun in social media networking, Bragardo helps you do just that and more. By keeping your needs and wants at the forefront of our operations, we stay your most-used, most- trusted app on all of your devices.

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