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We are combining fantasy gaming, product discovery and social media in a way you couldn't begin to imagine.

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Combining your passion with fantasy gaming

Take the things you're proud of and show them off to the world.

  • Imagine an app where you can connect with new friends, chat and build a community of people who love the same things as you, all while fantasy gaming! Whatever your interests and passion, the app has a place for you! We are talking categories like sports, music, cars, sneakers, fashion and endless varieties, all in one place just waiting for you to choose.
  • Bragardo has built a bridge between social media and fantasy gaming. You can choose to connect with new friends, post photos, upload stories and posts on the social media side of Bragardo or jump into a whole new world on the gaming side of the app.
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We want to combine the things you're proud of, fantasy gaming and product discovery in a way that revolutionises social media.

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Why Bragardo?

For starters, we're not like everyone else.

Our Mission

At Bragardo, we present a brand new way for brands and individuals to network, creating an inclusive interactive space that transforms users from passive to active, allowing them to form meaningful professional and personal connections.

Our Vision

We aim to become your go-to social platform for productivity, personal use, and playtime, granting you the opportunity to showcase and utilise your digital identity the way you want.

Our Future

We hope to secure a solid future for the app and all of our users. A future where there’s equality, guided by ethics and fueled by diversity of culture. We see a platform without boundaries or restrictions, one where every person plays a role in connecting and building the community.

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